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What is physical therapy

The Science of Healing, The Art of Caring

If your doctor recommends you for physical therapy he/she is referring you to a physical therapist. A physical therapist is a member of the health care team who is specially trained to improve movement, relieve pain, and restore functional performance. Through evaluation and individualized treatment programs, physical therapists can treat existing problems, provide preventive health care, enhance your movement and improve your physical performance.

When you come for physical therapy you will receive an evaluation that is specially designed to gather information about your injury. This will include assessing your past medical history, observation of movement and posture, and a physical examination. This information will then be assessed by your physical therapist who will plan your personalized treatment program to meet your individual needs, goals, abilities, and lifestyle.

Your treatment will be based on pain reduction, improved range of motion, increased strength, and restored function and will be customized for you.

Treatment may include patient education and prevention, the use of modalities (electric stimulation, ultrasound, or other) to reduce pain and inflammation, hands on technique (joint and soft tissue mobilization) to improve restricted movement, and exercise that may emphasis movement, coordination, strength, and re-conditioning.