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Treatment from a physical therapist requires a written physician order recommending the treatment and a current and relevant diagnosis of your medical condition. A diagnosis helps guide your physical therapy treatment and an order is required for insurance reimbursement. As a consumer of medical care you can request physical therapy and choose a physical therapist. You can discuss your request for physical therapy with your physician or a physical therapist can assess your need for treatment and make the recommendations to your physician. If you don't have a physician we can assist you with finding a highly qualified specialist.

Call the office that is 
convenient for you

Frankfort--(815) 806-8777
(7777 W. Lincoln Hwy)

Manteno--(815) 468-7300
(19 W. Division St.)

Most insurance plans will reimburse for physical therapy services. We will gladly submit to your insurance company and verify insurance benefits prior to starting treatment. We will also bill your insurance company for you.

We are accepting new patients at both locations. Treatment is by appointment Monday through Saturday. We offer morning and late evening hours weekdays and morning hours on Saturday. Appointments are offered within 24 hours of calling.

What to bring your first visit:
-Prescription from your doctor
-Drivers license
-Insurance cards
-Comfortable clothes
-Paperwork filled out (optional)

We look forward to meeting you!

              Save time at the office! Download and fill out the paperwork at home!